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    Default digital camera problems

    i got a quick clix digital camera i've got it downloaded and all but when i go to download the pics it sayes open driver fail why is that can u help ty

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    Try reinstalling the program that came with the camera, also install program before connecting the USB cord . Read the following
    First of all, there are no memory card slots. All memory is internal, and totals 8 megabytes. This gives you enough space to store around 32 images at 640 x 480 pixels, or, around 117 photos at 320 x 240 pixels. Once you fill up the memory, you must connect the camera to your Windows computer (sorry, doesn't work on a Mac), and download the images into the included software (Arcsoft Photoimpression). From there you can make adjustments to the images, create projects, and go from there. While connected to your PC, the camera gets power from the included USB cable, but be warned, if the pair of AA batteries the camera is otherwise powered by are removed or die on you, all images in the camera will be erased. Used good quality alkalines. The very tiny 4 page manual says you can use "rechargeable Alkalines" - there are NO such things... but I think this may be an English language booboo on them. They most likely meant AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Either way, watch your power level and don't use cheapo batteries, or you may lose your pics before you can download and save them!
    Part of a review on this low (very low) end digital camera. For the review see .