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    Default No Internet Connection

    Well let me start off by saying I did everything possible to try and solve

    this problem and nothing works. I'm not connecting to the internet like

    I'm suppose to. When messenger loads after 30 mins or so there's

    still no connection. When internet explore loads after 30 or so again no

    connection. Those are the 2 things that loads on my pc but still no

    connection with them both. My cable/modem is working fine. I think

    I need to repair my connections. Can someone please help me with

    this and tell me where to go to repair my connections? I have a Win

    Me pc. Thanks :?

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    Hallo carol - Do I understand you right, are you saying it takes 30minutes for Internet Explorer and messenger to load? Are you having any other problems with the computer? Is this a recent problem? Regards
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