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    Default Setting up Tiscali ADSL with a BT Voyager 205 modem/router

    Hi, this is my first post so let's see if you can imperess me !!

    My brother-in-law has Tiscali broadband and it came with a Sagem USB dsl modem. He has an old PIII 450 on Win98.

    He's getting an xbox and wants to also connect this to the dsl line, problem is there is no ethernet connection on the sagem.

    So I want to setup a BT Voyager 205 ADSL Modem/Router which I have on the tiscali connection, this has an ethernet as well as USB connection so we can run the pc through the usb port and the xbox through the ethernet connection, also as it's powered the pc doesn't have to be on for the xbox to connect to the internet. It seemed the perfect solution!! Except it doesn't work.

    Don't know if this is due to settings on the Voyager or settings within Win98. Or if the BT CD has screwed up the tiscali settings when I installed the voyager.

    Any help *very much* appreciated.

    Thanks, Dean.

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    Not a dsl expert, but you are most likely going to need to configure the router to whatever your Internet service provider needs. Check the manual with the router for details. Most likely will use IE from your computer to access router by entering its IP address. Once into it, sign on (most sign on as admin with no password unless you set up one) and configure as necessay- check with your ISP. Charlie