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    Default Norton 2006 Installation failed, all files became .lnk HELP!

    Hi Kind People,
    Here is a bunch of info on my problem:

    On my HP Presario x1010 Laptop running XP. I could not pull out the memory info, but I think it is about 55 g . The computer worked fine and I went to install a new version of software I purchased from Office Depot.
    I went to install Norton antivirus 2006 and it said it could not unistall 2005. So when I went to do a uninstall with the unistall options on the computer I notice every stinking file and program was rename .lnk.
    I cannot get in to go back in time to before the Norton 2006 install. I cannot get into the "my computer" or any program. Everything ends in .lnk. I cannot rename them either.
    I went on line and tried to follow a safe reboot option to try and get my computer to go back before the install with system restore and the prompt command, but the system restore window consistently came up blank when I finally got it to work.
    Oddly I can browse in Explorer to some degree, but if the page has Java script it won't open. I can however make a page my "home" page and it will open then.
    I do have my computer stuff backed up on an external harddrive, so I am good there, but my laptop is fully disfunctional. I cannot reintall norton, run any scans or anything. The computer worked fine until I tried to install the Norton 2006.
    Any Hero's out there care to tackle this problem?

    If it can't be fixed what do I do? Can I just go buy something and start over with this new something and ditch the harddrive or memory or whatever is the issue?
    I do have a service agreement on it with HP but don't know if they deal with stuff like this.

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    Go to and download the LNK (Shortcut) File Association Fix . Save it to your desktop, unzip the file and double click on the reg file. Click yes to start. Reboot your PC and hopefully that will do the trick. If not, go to the same site and follow the same procedure with the EXE File Association Fix.

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    The .ink files are related to the desktop shortcuts. It appears that just about everything you have has a shortcut. Try opening software directly from it's exe file from within Windows Explorer.
    Why this happened who knows except you can guarantee it has to do with Norton's rubbish.
    Do yourself a favor and remove everything Norton from your system.
    Believe me when I say the last thing any business needs is Norton or McAfee
    There are far better commercial grade security applications available.
    As for your problem I think that a reformat would probably be easier and faster than trying to restore the system. As you have backups the process should be realtively easy.
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