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    Hello, everyone,

    I've been stuck on this one: When I access the internet (via dial-up), I can load only a handful of pages at the most before the downloading becomes so slow the pages time out. I have to disconnect and reconnect to download the next page or two, and so on.

    I've worked with my ISP to no avail (we changed dial-up numbers and checked settings). I even changed ISP's; same problem. I've run the latest versions Norton anti-virus and Ad-aware, both updated, as well as ScanDisk, Defragment, and Disk Clean Up. Nothing works. The same problem occurs with Foxfire and IE.

    My computer is a recent Dell Latitude Dimension running XP with plenty of memory.

    Let me be precise: At times no page loads before it times out; other times I can download several pages from the same website but then cannot download a single page from different website. It's as though a logjam develops quickly. But where is the logjam?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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    Hallo Tom - Have you contacted your phone company to check the line? Explain the situation to them and see what they say. As all the troubleshooting/changes you have already done have made no difference it may point to a dodgy/poor phone line. Are you using an internal modem? Maybe it needs replacing. If external, did you change modems when you changed ISP?
    You could visit this link. I appreciate that this site is not relevant but the information detailed in question 7 is. -

    From a personal point of view - I had the same problem when I was on dial-up but no amount of changes or testing of the phone line made any difference. It got so bad in the end that I hardly ever used it. Check back because others, hopefully, may have something more positive. Regards.
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