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    Default DVD Burning help please...

    I have an HP dvd640 burner and windows 2000.
    The problem is that I just installed the DVD burner and the software (RecordNow!) for it but when I go to burn a DVD, it says it cant because it is a protected DVD.I own all the DVDs I burn so can't I make a backup copy somehow?
    Isnt there some way to burn my DVDs??? Please let me know or tell me where i can go to find out. Thank you!!!

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    dvd's have copy protection now. to get around this and back up your purchased dvd's you will need a program to break the code. i use dvd shrink, its freeware and squeezes the output file to a size that will fit standard 4.7GB discs. try getting version 3.1 since version 3.2 seems to have more problems in decoding. at least in my experience it has. you can also use dvd decryptor, but you will need to shrink the output made by this program with dvd shrink to burn it because it will be too big. if you run into a problem with dvd shrink, use decryptor and then run it through dvd shrink. and dont use that recordnow program to burn. use nero, much better for this process.