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    I have run out of Hard Disk space. Could somebody please advise me the best place to buy more hard disk for my C drive and how I would go about inserting it? Ideally, I would like an extra 80 - 160 GB.

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    Hard to say were to buy one, since we don't know where you live.

    As far as installing it generally not hard. Set up will vary depending on whether it will be an additional drive, a slave or master.


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    There are 2 IDE connections on the motherboard. You want both hard drives to connect to the same cable and connect to where your hard drive currently connects. The CD drive (or drives) should be on a seperate cable and connect to the other motherboard connection. The new hard drive jumper will need to be set as slave since the original hard drive with the operating system is master. Install the new hard drive in an available bay, connect a power plug, there should be one available somewhere in the wiring harness. When you first start the computer, the new drive will not show up because it hasn't been formatted yet. Exactly how you do that will vary somewhat depending on what operating system you are using (98, ME, 2000, XP). This is a link to XP directions:
    If you are not running XP, let us know. After the new drive is installed, formatted and partitioned as you like- move some files over to it to create space on your old drive. You want to have about 20% free space, the computer needs space to move data around as it works. Leave all of the Windows files on the original drive. You may want to move any picture files, mp3, video, word documents or whatever has made you run out of space. This is an opportunity to organize your files as you move them. Once you have created space on the old drive, defragment it to consolidate the free space. You may want to set your browser to download files to the new drive to preserve the space on C, just put program files on C from now on. Charlie