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    Default My IBM Pentium 2... :(

    I'm on my other computer now (AMD 8) ) because the Pentium 2 did something weird.

    When I try to start the computer up it will turn on and lights go on, but then it just kinda sits there, and nothing comes up on the screen. The odd time I will get something on the screen, but the computer freezes soon thereafter.

    All of this was caused by my computer freezing once, and then attempting to restart it for the third day now. I think it died.

    I'm running Windows XP on the P2.

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    If the computer has a P2, I'm guessing that it doesn't have much memory or a very big hard drive. how much free space is left on hard drive? You need to have at least 15 to 20% free space to prevent lockups. XP needs a minimum of 256mb of memory to function and is much happier with 512. Older machines often don't meet the minimum specs and are actually better off if you leave Windows 98 on them. Try getting rid of unnecessary files and defraging the hard drive. Charlie