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    Default Problems loading Windows XP

    Hi, I've put a system together of what are effectively spare parts (see below) but all in working order (as far as I know). The hard drive has previously been formatted. When I put the windows xp disc in and start up nopthing seems to happen. So I started up again and set cd rom as primary start up device. The disc starts xp set up, goes through a couple of 'load up' things then copies the set up files over which takes a few minutes. Following this it says that it needs to restart and that set up will continue after restart. So it restarts...and then loads the initial set up from the disc again...meaning I'm going round in circles if you see what I mean. Anyone had a similar problem? Sorry if my description is not that clear!

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    It is supposed to boot from the hard drive the second time and should do so automatically, but I had one install that did exactly what you said. The solution is to be there when it restarts, and hit the DELETE key when the boot screen first comes up to enter BIOS and set it back to boot from the hard drive as first option. Save the changes to the BIOS and it will reboot and continue the installation. Charlie