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    Default Shut Down Issues and Mozilla Startup problems

    When Norton Internet Security is Enabled on my machine, it will not shut down properly. When I select shut down form the start menu a box pops up saying "End Program ccAPP.exe" it is the same box that shows up when you try to end a nonresponsive program manually form the task manager. After that box closes or I click "End Now" the shut down does not occur and the only way to shut down my system is to manually hold the power button down for 5 seconds.

    Second I recently downloaded Mozilla Firefox and when I attempt to open it I get a message from Norton saying "firefox.exe attempting to connect to DNS server" I select the option always allow this program to do this, but then when the program opens no web page will load. I noticed if I disable Norton Internet Security the program works fine. I don't know how to change the settings to make it work properly. Should I download another Internet Security Program and just disable Norton or is there a better fix.

    Lastly, in a related problem whenever I attempt to update a program like cCleaner or AVG antivirus with Norton Internet Security enabled I get a similar problem to that of Mozilla, the program freezes. If I disable Norton Internet Security the everything works fine with the updates.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give me these problems are driving me nuts!

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    Well i think your biggest prob is Norton, i see you are running AVG running 2 Resident Antivirus progrmas will cause conflicts and as a rule you should only run 1 Resident Antivirus and 1 Firewall on your system, as far as norton is concerned it can be a prob to remove as it does not always uninstall from Add/Remove programs correctly in fact it is a pain, my personal opinion is you would be better off uninstalling Norton and running AVG and ZoneAlarm for your firewall, but go to symantec site for removal instructions for your version of Norton

    And only run 1 resident Antivirus and 1 Firewall on your system