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    Default New Router and Network

    I recently had a router go bad so i just bought a new one. The old one was a LINKSYS wireless B router and the new one is a LINKSYS WIRELESS-G Broadband Router (WRT54G0 model). My roomate has a LINIKSYS USB adapter for Wireless-B, but when i bought the new router i made sure the two were compatible and they are.

    PROBLEM 1:
    When i was setting up the network, I have a connection and everything, however i can only get a connection if i turn security OFF. I've tried WEP and the others, but my roommate can't access the internet unless the netowrk security is turned off.
    ***He said his setup disk for the USB Adapter isn't working on his computer. It was my initial guess that we needed to configure the router and adapter to the same security settings. If this is the problem, is there anyway to access the setup program without the disk?***

    PROBLEM 2:

    I have noticed a slow down in my internet. When browsing, pages take longer to load than before. Also, even when we both have connections with and unsecure network, i have to reset the modem and router at least once a day because nothing happens and i get a timed out message from where the page wont load.

    Any suggestions/help is appreciated. Thanks

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    The first thing you should do is have your rommate go to the Linksys web site and download the latest version of the driver for his USB wireless adapter. With this installed, he'll be able to input the WEP key for your wireless network and attach to the wireless router.

    Not sure why browsing would be noticeable slower - one thing to try is to change the channel that your wireless is broadcasting on. If you are using a channel that is getting interference from a cordless phone, or from someone down the hall with a woreless connection, changing the channel will clear things up.

    If you're using the wireless with no security, you should also make sure that someone else isn't connecting to your wireless connection and using up all the bandwidth.
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