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    Default converting files

    While moving music from cassette to computer, using LP Recorder and LP Ripper, I accidently recorded a song which is saved as a .trk song and as a song without a .anything. Is there a way to convert either to a .wav?

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    Don't know about that software specifacally but you can always try simply renaming the file as this sometimes works.

    Just right click the file and rename it to filenamegoeshere.wav

    Make sure you have extentions set to show in folder options:
    Start>control panel>appearance & themes>folder options>view tab>uncheck hide extentions for known file types>apply>OK

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    Hi online - Below are a couple of bits of info picked up off the Web. I don't know if they are really any help but trk to wav info is very limited. Whoozhe (Moderator) may be able to help more with this. Regards.

    This program will analyze a WAV file for individual songs within the file. The tracks file saves a summary of the WAV file and all of the details of the current editing session. If you have to exit LP Ripper in the middle of an editing session, open this TRK file instead of the WAV file when you resume your editing session. Not only does this save time because LP Ripper does not have to spend time reading or analysing the WAV file again, it also allows you to restart editing from where you previously left off. V4.0 and later versions of LP Recorder can also create a Tracks file that LP Ripper can use to save having to read the WAV file before analysing it.

    .trk file is made by a mixing/editing (audio) software called MIXMAN
    : U can download the demo version from the net...
    : i think, as far as i know... .trk file can only converted with mixman... perhaps it has an option to give the output in WAV format.
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