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    Default IE Secondary (Clicked on) Windows

    I have a Sony Vaio 2.5G XP S2 all updates. AVG free. ZoneAlarm free.
    Downloaded a few things forgot to run AVG until a few days later. Ran AVG and had 2 Trojan Horses found. 1 in recycler which I believe I found right after downloading and instantly deleted it was Crypt B-
    the other one I must have missed somewhere down the line. It was Trojan Horse Exploit Downloader- located in Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\JRPV3POW\free(1).anr So AVG deleted them and showed everything as fine but now when I'm on a website and there is a picture to click to enlarge or link then all I get is the hourglass and nothing comes up unless it happens to have a stop and refresh within the window then I hit stop and then refresh and it instantly comes up. I ran AVG again and nothing I could find except SYSTEM32\SHELL32.DLL the status was changed instead of OK like everything else- don't know if this has anything to do with it or not? For example on this website where it said click here to register when I did there was nothing but the hourglass and would have continued forever if I hadn't hit STOP and then REFRESH.
    I appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thank You

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    Hi - Go here -
    and run through all of the processes. If you have trouble with any of them just move onto the next. Copy/Paste your HiJack Log to this thread by clicking on 'Post Reply' at the bottom. When you post your Log, detail the processes from the above link that you have done. One of the experts will check your Log when they are online. Regards
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