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    Default Quick launch forces task bar to three lines.

    This comes under the heading of stupid mistakes that I have the feeling I should be able to correct. In any case:

    I usually keep four quicklaunch links visible with the others in the dropdown column. I was having trouble editing the links so I moved the double dot separator (at the access point to the dropdown) to the right to expose the maximum number. I accidentally compressed the tray to two icons wide and three tall. It also became impossible to rehide the qicklaunch icons that I had exposed.

    I have moved all the quick launch icons to the desktop. But still, if "show quick launch" is on in properties, I have a three line taskbar. If I turn off quick launch it returns to one.

    How can I reinstate the hide feature for quick launch?

    NOTE: I had been having trouble with quick launch turning itself off.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Hi Jack - Have you tried a 'System Restore'to a time before this problem started?. Regards.
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