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    Default process consuming CPU time


    Sometimes my PC slows down, even becomes completely
    unusable. Moreover, it is heating up , the ventilator turns
    at the limit of its capacity, and this seems to last indefinitely.
    I am afraid of the possible damage
    to the computer caused by overheating.

    When the PC enters this "mode", task manager shows
    that the CPU is occupied at 90-100 %, whilst
    the usual rate is 0 - 1 %. The biggest part (over 50%) of the
    CPU time is consumed by the process "explorer". At the same time "System" takes over 30%.

    I am wondering, what can explorer do so intensively
    if it is not infected by some malicious virus that makes
    it overheat the computer.

    Remark that "explorer" is different from the Internet Explorer.
    The latter is shown by task manager as "iexplore".

    The "explorer" is responsible
    for the work of the file manager; when I kill it, all the icons
    of the desktop disappear, and to relaunch it I use "Run"
    in the "File" menu of the task manager; just type "explorer"
    into the command line and press "return".


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    Hi dimitri - Apologies, my mistake. I still think that you should follow the instructions in this link -
    You will no then that you are free of all spyware etc. Regards.
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