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    Default Computer takes forever to load

    Merry Christmas,

    Can anyone help me with my problem? I have a desktop that when you start it up or reboot, it takes forever. It goes to the XP splash screen, and then goes to a black screen for about a minute or so. It takes forever. Then it finally goes to the login screen. And everything is fine from there.

    I have tried AdAware, MS Spyware, virus checking, but they come up with nothing.

    Does anyone have any idea?

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    XP can take forever to load. It depends on several factors. The main ones are how much is being loaded during the bootup sequence.
    It is a good idea not to have not essential programs set so they do not load during startup time. Just system and security files.
    Also the more fonts in the font folder the longer everything takes. 250 fonts is about the best limit.
    other causes are corrupt or missing files causing windows to spend time scanning the HD for them.
    Check the Startup folder under your Documents & Settings/User/Start Menu/Startup.
    Delete whatever is not necessary.
    Now click Start, run , type msconfig and choose Startup. Uncheck anything not needed to load up in the background.
    Also it is worth doing some cleaning such as running windows Disk Cleanup utility and defrag. Bioth are under the Accessories/System Tools menu
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