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    Default Buffer Overrun Detected

    I keep getting a message saying that a buffer overrun is detected. This is happening when I am shutting down my laptop and it is preventing me from signing into my MSN groups using my .NET Passport. (When I try to sign in to my MSN groups, I immediately get the error message and am thrown offline.)

    Otherwise my computer appears to be running normally.

    Scans with Norton, Spybot, and Ad-Aware all find nothing.. Help2Go Detective found an unnamed toolbar listed in my HJT report, and I've since fixed this--did not reappear on reboot.)

    (I'm attaching the actual error message, below.)

    Thanks in advance for any help~


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    Are you using AOL? If so, aolload.exe is a legit file, perhaps uninstalling AOL and reinstalling may correct the problem. If you're not using AOL, go to Start>Run>type in msconfig>OK. When the configuration window opens >Startup tab>scroll down the list and if there are any AOL entries, uncheck the box next to them .. then OK. A window will ask if you want to reboot (restart) your PC>OK. When it boots up again another window will open saying that there have been changes made. Check the box 'do not show again' or words to that effect>OK.

    There are not many of our members that use AOL as it creates many problems/incompatibilities. If you wish to continue using AOL I would suggest you go to the AOL site and check out their Q&A boards.