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    Default Panda Software has Frozen My Computer!! I need help

    I downloaded Panda Software Platinum 2006 internet Security on to my work laptop. After the install wizard finished installing I clicked to reboot my computer. When it rebooted at the log on screen I typed my password and it now is frozen at the screen which says "Loading your personal setttings" There is a little panda bear face in the bottom right of the screen but it won't log me on to the computer. This is my only work computer and without logging on I cannot work or make a living.

    If anyone can help, it would be me holiday miracle. Help me please
    Gary B. :x

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    Do you have another anti virus program installed and/or running?
    Do you have 2 gig of memory or more.
    Both can cause installation problems.
    Reboot and press the F8 key during the process.
    This will bring up a menu. Choose "Best last configuration" and continue to boot up.
    This should take you to where you were before attempting to install panda.
    If this fails reboot again but this time choose Safe Mode.
    In Safe Mode click Start, All Programs, System Tools, System Restore and choose a point prior to the installion attempt.
    Once done go to and download AVG. It's free and it works, well it does for me and I have only had 1 virus get passed it in 3 years.
    Even then, becuase I also do a weekly online scan, that virus was quickly dealt with.
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