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    Default dvd burning problems

    Hi all
    My problem is to do with dvd movie copying. Currently when I copy a movie disc I find on playback that after about an hour it freezes for a second or so then jumps forward to where it would have been had it not froze, this continues to the and of the movie intermittently. This has been happening for 3 consecutive discs in a spindle of 50 (now down to about 12 or so), prior to these 3, I had copied 4 ok and before that 1 was faulty I have been using dvd shrinke and tdk disc at a speed of 2x for all (I use xp professional and a liteon burner).

    I have had similar problems last year, when, due to another problem I reinstalled xp without formatting the hard drive. I had no problem after this but it may just have been a co-incidence however the problem returned in october this year. In between I have copied many disc without a problem.

    I reformatted the hard drive in oct this year and now some 2 months later it has started again. During all of this time I have used various brands of disc and now wonder if it is the quality of disc that are the problem.

    Ok I have just burned another disc from the spindle pack and after about 75minutes it started to freeze. I made 2 other copies on dvd-rw disc using the same saved files so the only variable is the disc and played them from about the same time into the movie and they played without problems, then I put the first copy in and played it from where it started to freeze and guess what, it played without freezing, go figure. So I am at a lose.

    I have tried to find anything on this on the net but there does not seem to be any similar problems encountered.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    We don't help people copy movies on Help2Go. It is illegal.

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    See if this will answer some questions.

    (this is the same info we gave back in Jan of this year)