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    Default Zonealarm will not install on win98se

    no matter if i run or dbl click the zonealarm setup file or try to install it from add software windows98se gives this error

    "validation failed for C:\windows\temp\vsinit.dll. you probably are
    missing a necessary root certificate. ok. "

    i searched for the named dll file and it's in the temp folder. i thought it was a corrupted zonealarm setup file so i downloaded another one and still got the same message. i prefer zonealarm before i try another firewall. this is a basic inherited pc i don't plan to spend $ on upgrading. i have just restored win98 there4 think the o/s is intact. how do i fix this one?

    amd-k6 500Mhz

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    Check this info from ZA.

    SUMMARY I’m getting a validation failed message with vsinit.dll


    In order to protect our software client from being tampered with, we sign our dll’s. Every time a dll is loaded, we check if it has our certificate.

    In order to do certificate checking, the machine needs to have a root certificate on it. If the root certificate in missing, we can’t validate the dll and the client will not start.

    We have determined that on systems with a validation error the root certificates were missing.

    The Zone Labs client has 100% nothing to do with any kind of certificate removals and we can only assume that something malicious has removed them from effected machines.

    The following 4 STEPS will fix your system if followed very closely.


    Please follow the steps below to manually uninstall ZoneAlarm from your system. Please make sure to follow the steps for whichever operating system you may have. After ZoneAlarm is uninstalled, please make sure you have all of the Windows Updates installed and run a complete virus scan on your system to make sure there is not a virus on the system. You can run a free virus scan from the link below.

    Thank you for choosing Zone Labs,

    Windows 98/ME
    01.) Click Start, Run
    02.) In the Run box type in MSConfig
    03.) Click OK
    04.) Click the Advanced Button
    05.) Place a check in Enable Startup Menu
    06.) Click OK, then OK again
    07.) Restart your computer
    08.) Upon restart choose Safe Mode off the menu by using the arrow keys on the
    keyboard and pressing Enter
    09.) Once in Safe Mode close the help and support screen
    10.) Double Click My Computer
    11.) Click View, Folder Options, View Tab
    12.) Place a dot next to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" or “Show All Files”
    13.) Remove the check from "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)"
    14.) Choose Yes to the warning
    15.) Click OK
    16.) Double click "C:"

    Note: In the future steps if you do not see any files or folders, please click the
    "Show Files" link to view them.

    17.) Double Click the Program Files Folder
    18.) Right Click the Zone Labs Folder, click Delete, and choose Yes
    19.) Close this window
    20.) Click Start, My Computer
    21.) Double Click the C:
    22.) Double Click the Windows Folder
    23.) Right Click the Internet Logs Folder, click Delete, and choose Yes
    24.) Double Click the System Folder
    25.) Click View, Details
    26.) Right Click the Zone Labs Folder, click Delete, and choose Yes
    27.) Right Click the file VSData95.VxD, click Delete, and choose Yes
    28.) Right Click the file VSUtil.dll, click Delete, and choose Yes
    29.) Right Click the file VSInit.dll, click Delete, and choose Yes
    30.) Close this window
    31.) Click Start, Run
    32.) In the Run box type in RegEdit
    33.) Click OK
    34.) Click the + next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    35.) Click the + next to SYSTEM
    36.) Click the + next to CurrentControlSet
    37.) Click the + next to Services
    38.) Click the + next to VxD
    39.) Highlight the "VSData95" folder
    40.) Press Delete, click Yes
    41.) close the registry Editor
    42.) Click Start, Run
    43.) In the Run box type in MSConfig
    44.) Click OK
    45.) Click the Advanced Button
    46.) Remove check in Enable Startup Menu
    47.) Click OK, then OK again
    48.) Restart your computer

    Open Your browser and navigate to the following URL.
    Once at the web page follow the directions to reset your root certificates.

    Select the appropriate download link below to download ZoneAlarm.
    Remember to SAVE the download to your desktop. DO NOT select RUN or OPEN when downloading.

    ZoneAlarm (FREE)

    ZoneAlarm with Antivirus

    ZoneAlarm Pro

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite
    Hope this helps.

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    thanx. this fixed it! re-installed zonealarm and now it works like a champ!