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    Default Problem with Panda Internet Security 2006 and windows XP

    Hi guys,
    I thought I had solved this problem last night, but apparently I did not.
    If you have Panda Internet security 2006 and you downloaded the very new updates to Windows, then, upon startup, your screen will freeze with the WELCOME message and a little Panda picture will appear in the bottom right corner. There is something in those updates that is conflicting with Panda. Now, this problem does not exist if you have the regular service pack 2 update to Windows. To get rid of this problem, you have to restart your computer (use hard restart) and then hit the F8 key, then go to safe mode and use system restore to restore your computer to the state prior to the installation of Panda. Your computer should boot up normally now without freezing.
    Question, guys: Is this new update to windows really necessary? Meaning, is it better for me to install the new updates and not have virus protection/firewall protection for the moment until I can contact Panda about this problem I encountered OR is it better to keep the old service pack 2 installed along with Panda. ANy suggestions would be helpful.

    THis is the message I am going to send Panda Customer support:
    Panda Platinum does not work with the new updates to Windows. I don't know which version I have as I have used system restore to get rid of it to solve my problem. THis is what happened.

    I have a new dell computer with Service pack 2 already installed.
    I installed Panda and updated everything.
    Microsoft now has new updates to Windows so I downloaded that. Now, this is where the problem comes in. After windows finishes downloading the updates, it automatically restarts the computer.
    What happens is that it goes to the "Welcome" message that Windows displays when it starts up and then a picture of a little panda appears in the bottom right corner. Then it freezes. I can still move the cursor around freely, but thats about it. I have to do a hard restart to turn the computer off. When I turn the computer on again, it freezes at that same screen with the little panda displayed in the corner and the WELCOME message from windows displayed.
    So, I used system restore to bring back my computer to the state before I installed Panda. I also tried this:
    I downloaded all the new windows updates and then I installed Panda. Guess what: the same thing happened. It froze up exactly as described above. So I had to use system restore to remove panda.

    Note that Panda works fine with the normal service pack 2 of Windows. BUT, Panda does not work with the new updates to Service Pak 2.
    Please help! I don't have virus protection

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    I would suggest that (as long as Panda is not installed) download and install the Microsoft updates. Run your PC for a day or so to make sure there are no conflicts. Hopefully by then Panda will get back to you .. in the meantime you could download either the free version of AVG or Avast which do work with the latest downloads. These two programs are the choice of many of our members (use only one). If you do download one of them, and then want to install Panda down the road, remember to delete the AVG or Avast program.