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    Default Some thing took over my computer

    I was on line monday night doing a search when window opened all of these pop ups kept coming up and I hade no control of my computer.They were advertisments, porno, find a friend,and so on. At the last this a face came on and said bo ho and afew cuss words then the computer shut down. I have never had a computer before and have only learned how to get on line in the last month. I am disabled and cant just got to town and get things fixed.So can some one please help me.I had to reboot from win98 2nd edition.My computer is slower then I am and that is realy slow. There seams to be allways be something loading.The line at the bottom will say done then start moving again. Every thing is flashing when I move mouse up and down the page leaves a trail for a second then is ok.Runs so slow can make and have a cup of coffiee while netscape is loading. I guess my qwestion is should I reload all programs or will it not do any good? I know that this is long but like I said I am new at this. Every thing that I learned about computers is off the help in my computer but it won't come up.For the next 3 weeks this was to be my window to the world. I can't belive that someone just to be meen took it away. All help would be very much appriciated. :roll:

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    Hi camperman and welcome to Help2Go - Click on the link below and read the instructions. Any problems then post back and further advice will be given. Regards,9709/
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