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    Default No video after disableing card in Windows XP

    Hello to everyone,
    This being my first post I'll try to give all the information that I have.
    I have an older machine "Pionex" brand with a Gigabyte motherboard. Video card? I'm not sure. Set up originally to Run Windows 98 SE.

    I needed to update for other business software to Windows XP, I did that no problems. So to complete the install I went to Window update and installed Service Pack 2 and all needed updates.

    After Which I rebooted and to my surprise my screen went to a 480x600 4 color's only. I went to the properties screen and found that it would not change so I went somewhere else in the advanced or???? I don't know. As I was clicking the ok button I noticed that one of the dialog blocks was dark blue and it said "disable this device", to late I clicked the button and before i could blink, it rebooted the system.

    Now when I reboot, it will got the Window's XP screen with the blue bouncing ball, then go Black. I can hear xp loading in the background by the beeb's and boob's of the sytem. I have went to the bios setting, tried to set to VGA, tried to re-install XP, nothing works that I have tried.

    And I've tried to boot in safe mode and it will only go to screen with a list of drivers and systems drivers, and it want go any farther.

    I am sure someone out there reading this is laughing at me, and saying that so simple. I some what computer literate but by no means a gura. Maybe some one has had this problem and can help.

    I have a catalog of new items and much business stuff on QuickBook's on that machine or it would have been in the" well I want go farther".

    Thanks Minnow Man

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    Try tapping f8 during start up to start in safe mode. Go to the device manager (control panel, performance and maintanence, system, hardware). Click on display adapter and enable it. If that doesn't work, try the "last known good configuration" option. You need to find the XP driver for your graphics card. Charlie

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    From what I have read, , your computer was not designed to run XP, let alone the graphics, XP requires about 3 gigs hard drive to run, I believe your computer has just over 1 Gig. To say the least it is/was a very low end computer. If the information you have on it is irreplaceable, I suggest you think about getting a new computer and hopefully a tech can salvage what data he can and save to disk/new PC. At a minimum, get the data saved to disk and reformat the computer if you can.

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    XP includes drivers for most devices that Microsoft say will run on XP. If it cannot find drivers it chooses a generic driver which will at least run the system. By disabling the graphic you have given XP little choice in what to do.
    Before you go any further I suggest you look inside the system and try an identify the graphics card, if it has one. It may be onboard.
    Chances are it is a Tiwanese generic card with no identifying marks.
    If you cannot find XP drivers for it then you are wasting your time with the machine as an XP computer.
    You could spend some money on a better card and still find the system not working.
    Your best bet is find what is called a Bare Bones system and use it along with your existing monitor, keyboard, mouse, and CD drive.
    As you mentioned you only just install XP I will assume ther is no data yet on the HD or you still have backups.
    Bottom line is you may be able to get a machine to run XP reasonably well from $US200
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