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    Default Replacing OS Hard Disk

    I'm planning on replacing my main HD with a newer larger one but i don't know if theres a way to reinstall windows without having to buy a new copy of Xp. I have an OEM copy of the cd which i used when i built the system but i believe that replacing the HD would count as a major system change and force me to get a new serial number.

    Does anyone know if i can use my old serial know to activate the new instilation?

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    You should be able to. You should be able to run XP on one computer, OEM can be picky, you may need to call for reactivation, but shouldn't be a problem as you are reinstalling on original computer with new hard drive.
    Another option, leave the OS on the drive it is on, install the second drive as a slave drive and use it for storage.

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    Go with Grim's suggestion.
    Check that no other drive is connected on the same IDE (lead) with the existing HD.
    If clear then change the lug on the back of the new drive to S (slave) and add it to the same lead as the existing HD.
    Boot up and windows will detect it.
    You will need to partition and format the new drive. That can be done easily. See
    No need to reinstall windows, no need to reinstall software and no data lost.
    Once done you can move My Documents to the new drive by simply right clciking on the My Documents folder, choose properties then Move. All your data will now be saved on the new drive.
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