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    Default I want to throw this thing

    If anyone can help, I will appreciate it for the rest of my year. I have done an upgrade and am setting up my old computer to give away to a family in need. My problem arose after I had swapped the MB and all components (power supply too) into a different case.

    The original specs were as follows:
    Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X Motherboard
    640Mb SDRAM (256, 256, 128)
    Ati AIW 7500 video card - 64mb - AGP bus
    Soundblaster Live X-Gamer Sound Card
    250 Watt ATX Power Supply

    The rebuild specs are:
    Gigabyte GA-6VXC7-4X motherboard
    640 mb SDRAm (256, 256, 128)
    MSI G4 MX 440 video card - 64mb - AGP bus
    Soundblaster Live X-gamer sound
    250 Watt Power supply

    Upon putting the system together and installing cdroms and hard drives, I powered the system on, only to get 5 short beeps, followed by one longer beep.
    After much trial and error, several different power supplies later, I have decided that maybe it's my video card. However, I have just finished swapping two(2) other AGP video cards into the system with out success.

    Is there any possiblity that the problem is in the AGP port itself? If this is possible, can I put a PCI video card into the system and disable the AGP slot in the bios?

    Again, if you can help, I am taking any offers.


    B Watson

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    Please tell us what BIOS version you have so that we can try to figure out the beep codes. Meantime, I would try taking the memory out, then put back in one piece and see what happens. Charlie