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    Default WIN-XP - corrupted drivers

    "Hallo friends,
    at present my Win-xp-Home system is not working properly. It appears to me that some drivers got corrupted. On booting, the hardware assistant demands software, firstly for a video controller and later for PCI-communications controller (simple). If I leave the system to search, it takes a long time and does not find any, even when I gave the Installation-CD.

    From the analysis of “Drivers HQ” it is found that the following are bad:
    SiS PCI-IDE-Controller (IDE ATA/ATAPI-Controller) and
    Realtek RTL8139-Family-PCI-Fast Ethernet-NIC (Networkadapter)

    My computer: MEDION MD5400 from Germany. It has a RAM of 1024MB and a FDD of 80GB. WIN-XP has a partition of 15GB.
    The working frequency is 2.53GHz.
    The partitioning of FDD is:

    1. Partition “C:” of 30MB (FAT) with MD-DOS 6.22
    2. Partition “D:” of 15GB (FAT32) with WIN-XP-Home, updated with SP2 and all updates till now installed
    3. Partition”E:” of 15GB (FAT32) for backup.
    4. Partitions “F: & G:” reserved for sources, Music, Pictures etc., make about 25GB
    5. About 25GB is foreseen for LINUX, but not yet installed.

    I’m at a loss, where to get these drivers. I’d be immensely thankful for any constructive suggestions.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    Sincerely GVM Krishna "

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    Hi - You can get your Realtek driver at the link below, it requires free registration. Regards.

    EDIT: You may find the other download at the link below. It's a fairly slow site.
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