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    Default Need help rebuilding this old dinosaur!

    My computer was built for me by an ex-boyfriend about four years ago. I have upgraded from ME to XP and added 256 mb (512 total) memory but that's it. It is so incredibly slow that I could actually fly to Amazon headquarters and pick my order up before it goes through online w/DSL. I have unplugged my speakers & only plug my printer in when it is needed and I don't have alot of programs (downloading & deleting as needed). I can't afford to take it to a specialist & honestly believe that I could do the work myself. Now here's what I'm hoping for:

    * Someone who can take me by the hand and help me from start to finish to get my computer cleaned up, updated or whatever needs to be done. I'll, of course, need someone who is willing to give me directions that a 2-yr-old would understand! I'd love to get this done on the cheap, cheap & unfortunately, would only be able to repay my brave volunteer with undying gratitude & a few kissy smilies every once in awhile!

    Any trusty volunteers?
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    The place to start is this article:
    You most likely have adware and spyware slowing you down, maybe even some virues. This article will help you clean it up, then one of our experts will help you finish the job after you have completed all of the steps in the article. Charlie

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    Hi kassyd - Also, if it's not mentioned in Grim's link (it may be there but I've missed it :wink:
    Open Internet Explorer - Click on 'Tools' - Click on 'Internet Options' - Under the heading 'Temporary Internet Files' click on 'Delete Files'. The 'Delete Files' dialogue box opens. Click 'OK'. Repeat the process with 'Delete Cookies' which is also under the 'Temporary Internet Files' heading.
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