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    Default Intermittent success with Internet

    I have tried about everything I can, and I'm on the verge of erasing my hard drive and starting over. I'm running a fiber optic DSL, and I can't access the Internet at times, at other times it is slower than dialup, and other times, it is blazing fast.

    I took the wireless router (linksys) out of the equation, and it seemed the problem was better, but it was a mirage. It came back again. I'm running Windows XP on a Dell Desktop. My ping times are fantastic (or so I'm told be the ISP's tech support), so I don't think it is a problem with that end.

    I have McAfee (with current updates) and Webroot SpySweeper. I've tried disabling them at startup and restarting (thinking they may be the problem), and the problem persists. I've restarted the modem 1000 times, I've erased everything I can erase.

    I took out Java (recommended by my company's help desk) because I was having problems with ActiveX controls. Basically, I can't get any ActiveX controls to work (I had to download the McAfee updates manually). I have tried to go back and launch Java, but my computer freezes when I try to Automatically OR Manually download the files.

    I'm lost, I'm frustrated, and I have probably spend 80 hours over the last month trying to get this thing to work better.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I will never be able to return the favor, because I constantly suffer from ID10T errors.

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    First uninstall McAfee and throw it in a bin somewhere.
    Get a decent anti virus scanner and no Norton either.
    Try the free AVG from You may be happy with it and keep it or use it untill you get hold of another.
    Also the spyware sweeper. Try uninstalling it as well and install adaware.
    Run bot.
    Now to the nitty gritty.
    Is you wireless network secure?
    Have you changed the default password to the modem utilities and settings?
    Have you implemented the security built in to the modem?
    Have you a decent firewall in addition to the hardware one in the modem and I don't mean XP's?
    I would guess you problem is that of your bandwidth being gobbled up by either spyware or outside influence. Anyone can hack into a wireless network and use your account if your security is not full on.
    I would suggest you use a bandwidth monitor of some type and keep a log. This will show if anything unusual is happening on your network.
    A note:
    While WiFi is attractive it's use in a home is questionable. It is not as secure as a wired system.
    It can be affected by the above or even by a 2.4mhtz cordless phone or other transmitting devices in a home such as a leaking microwave.
    Unless your devices are too far from each other to use wire then by all means go wireless but if they are not wire the wireless and be safer.
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