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    Default Outlook Express Error Message. Cannot connect to server.

    HI..My computer was working fine til one day, it just stopped connecting to the internet. When I try to recieve or send mail, I get thhis message: Host cannot be found Pop3-Prorocol-Port-110-Socket error-1101 Error #0x800cccod. When I try to bring up a page in internet explorer, It says...Page cannot be found. I am running windows 98 SE and am connected to USB through a router. Have checked all connections, and have done all I know to do. Nothing helps. I am not a computer geek, so please be patient with me. I need explsit directions when you tell me what to do. We have another computer connected to the router and it is working fine, so it isn't a router problem.

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    This is difficult to answer as I have no idea on how your network is set up, what computers your are using and the type of router but I will try.
    Assuming you have a multi port router and both computers are connected directly to it then try the following.
    First check click on Start then Control Panel then Network Connection and double click on Local Area Connection. Under Support click repair.
    If there are no IP address then the connection does not exist. This could be a failed Network Card (NIC), damaged cable or a software issue.
    Check each and reinstall the NIC. If this fails then replace.
    If all is ok then do the next.

    First go to the computer that is working click Start then choose My Network Places. Click Entire Network then Microsoft Windows Network. Not the name of the network. Clik on that name and it should show two computers. If not then the other computer is not part of the network.
    Go to the other computer and do the same. The name should be the same. If not run the Network Wizard and set up a home netwok using that name.
    By doing all this the correct IP address will be allocated to the other computer and you should get connected.
    If you are totally confused reply here but list all the details of the computers, operating systems, brand/model of modem/router.
    Let us know how the network is set up.
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