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    Default cannot access Hotmail, MSN, MyeBay, and its my fault


    Sometime last week my computer started sporadically blue-screening and restarting on me. After one such restart, I sat and watched the same thing happen three times in a row. I shut it off and let stuff cool down and was able to get it up without an almost immediate crash. So I took it upon myself to fix this, and started unchecking startup options in MSCONFIG. Now I cannot log in to most sites (hotmail, MSN messenger, My eBay, Yahoo! Mailbox). However I CAN get into without a hitch. I have been able to get to my hotmail inbox by right-clicking a file and hitting "send to>email recipient" and then filling out the prompt. Also I got into Yahoo by signing into Yahoo! Messenger and clicking the auto-sign in link. I am unable to use MSN's current version, beta version, or even the lowly Windows Messenger and have resorted to to get on but this is quite inconvenient.

    This problem, as I recall, is preceded by the installation of the software that comes with an Ipod Shuffle, and the installation of some shockwave/flash media player through I trusted that site enough as it is reasonably well-known, but I believe it might be the culprit.

    I tried to system restore to a day before the problems started (i think) and it denied me, saying that no changes had been made. Yes, I have cleared the cache, the temporary internet folder, and made sure SSL[?] 2.0 and 3.0 are both checked (as instructed by eBay tech support). I have also ruled out my ISP, since I have been able to access these accounts from another computer on the same connection.

    I run Windows XP, an Intel Pentium III 966 MHz with 256Mb RAM. I have no firewall to the best of my knowledge, and menial, sporadic virus protection. I have since run Spybot - Search & Destroy but it only pulled up some tracking cookies which I deleted.

    My current startup list is something like this.

    [blank space with check mark]
    Adobe Gamma Loader
    PowerReg Scheduler

    and the disabled items are:

    Adobe Reader Speed Launch
    Microsoft Office
    Wireless PCI Card Configuration Utility
    HotSync Manager

    Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated as it is a massive inconvenience to say the least. Thank you all for reading this far, and I look forward to any help. Thanks again

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    Most of the items you have running at startup are not necessary, with the exception of your anti virus program. The first item has this info on it
    SM1bg.exe is a process belonging to the Cypress USB Mass Storage Adapter. It is installed with iTunes, Napster and USB devices. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.
    . Go here and copy/paste each running process, separately in the Search box and Search Now. Read what it says about the process. When it states This program is a non-essential system process uncheck the item. When you have gone through the list, reboot and select the 'do not show this window again' box>OK. You can always go back in and recheck processes if you want, but note that each one uses up your RAM, which will slow your windows. All the processes can be opened manually .. every manufacturer thinks that their program is so important that it should be running in the background to allow fast access. This in most cases is not so (as I mentioned above, with the exception of security programs such as firewalls and anti virus program .. there should be only one of each running).