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    Default Continous BSODs on Vaio laptop -- issue with Firewire bus?

    Disclaimer.. I am a lifelong Mac fanboy. Recently, I was forced to buy a Vaio laptop. I am having major issues, and while I am not a computer moron, I am a newbie with respect to Windows troubleshooting.

    Windows XP SP2
    no viruses -- checked
    no spyware -- checked
    All drivers updated from Sony

    My laptop had been working fine for about a month. Then recently, without having installed anything, I started getting BSODs right at logon (forcing a reboot... thus, going into an immediate restart loop). I hit F8 to go into safe mode. Went to Device Manager (it is pretty much drivers that cause BSODs, right?). The only red X was next to the IEEE 1394 bus controller (known to my people as Firewire). So I disable it. Restart. And all is well.

    Until the next time I try waking up from standby or restart. Going into safe mode, I see that the red x has come back. What the deuce?? I disable you, you vile bus controller!

    Moreover, here and there, I get immediate BSODs while typing some notes in Word.

    This is freaking me out, because I bought this laptop SOLELY for taking a Bar Exam. If this thing flakes out in the middle of my exam, I will hunt down Bill Gates and make him &%^#&$^@ my *#&@!

    Is this Windows 101? Sorry if it's basic. I'm proud of myself for figuring out safe mode and device manager!


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    Hi - Firstly, set a 'Restore Point' by Going 'Start'>'All Programs'>'Accessories>'System Tools'>'System Restore'. Click on 'Create a Restore Point' button and then 'Next'. Enter a name such as 'Firewireproblem' in the 'Restore Point Description' window and then click 'Create'.
    Then go - 'Start'>'Control Panel'>Double click 'System'>Click 'Hardware' tab and then 'Device Manager'. Right click
    'Uninstall' and turn off the computer. Turn on the computer again and see if it 'Detects New Hardware'.
    Let us know how it goes. Regards.
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