Hi There,

New to this forum, but I eas searching google with a problem that sounded very similar. I read through the suggestions and though interesting, I didn't really think they woudl help me. Eventually I opened up my system, took out my first memory DIMM (which was as old as the PC) and replaced it with my second DIMM, leaving the original module in slot 1 on the shelf. Powering on the PC brought me an instant reward as the POST started almost immediately.

I replaced the original memory in slot 2 and re-tested. All looks good.

My 5 minutes to POST has gone to be replaced by a quick boot. Try this one yourself.

Good luck.


quote="tigerhawk09"]My computer makes intermittent clicking sounds that I cannot pinpoint or understand. The clicking almost sounds like the clicking sound my power button makes when I turn the computer on and off but the clicking is internal (e.g. sounds as if I was pushing the power button in and I get a CLICK, holding it for a split second, and releasing it again and I get another CLICK). Sorry, I know that is not the best description.

The clicking usually comes in waves of two. It will happen when I'm on the computer working (no specific time or activity in particular) and will also happen when I'm not on the computer but leave it running. It does not seem to be linked to any specific action, instead a normal function or connection the computer is trying to make. The sound JUST happeded as I was typing this message.

The sound does not seem to effect the performance of the computer in any way. It does not freeze up or restart. Also, I have virus/firewall protection and did a scan recently. No viruses were found.

Any thoughts or ideas what this sound may be....? Should I be concerned? I did try to do some research and everything I found seemed to point to the hard drive going bad. I just had my computer in and it was wiped clean and I started from scratch and installed Windows XP. Could it be a BIOS problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance![/quote]