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    Default Magix Movies on CD & DVD 2005

    When I go to the screen to capture from VHS everything seems to be working fine - there is video and sound. However, as soon as I click the start button (or any one of several other buttons on the capture screen) the sound go dead and does not come out on the recording.

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    More information needed.
    Operating system
    Software used to capture and edit video
    Capture card brand and model
    You refer to Start buttons etc. Is this frm a player????
    I will guess at the answer.
    VHS is anologue. Avi is digital. Most anologue captures are saved as avi files. They can be played using Windows Media Player of some other software.
    To play the video on a DVD player the avi file has to be converted to a format that DVD uses, namely MPEG2
    That MPEG file is then used to burn a DVD using the appropriate software.
    The main problems encountered with converting VHS to DVD is sound sychronization.
    This is where a decent video editor comes into play.
    The whole process can take hours and loss of hair.
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