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    Default How Do I Replace WinME Splash Screen

    I wish to to change the splash screen on WinME startup. Here's what i have done so far.
    There was no Logo.sys @ C:\. I edited a 320x400 bmp image. i can't seem to get it to save with 256colors without losing settings?? well it didn't work, instead winme displayed a black screen with blinking cursor then went to desktop (let's say i now know atleast one way how to do without the spalsh screen)
    i searched for LOGO.SYS LOGOW.SYS LOGOS.SYS even in C:\Windows without luck (seems unlike Win98 those files are not in winme??) i can't even seem to get the winme splash file location as i i could have edited that anyways.
    However, i would like to display something. 1-How to i do it or 2-where can i get ready windows splash screens, or 3-which is your fav freeware splash screen manager? Any trick to repalce that thing is ok with me.
    WinME, 128MB, AMD-K6 500Mh, 14GB

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    This should help
    The Windows 9x startup splash screen is controlled by the file C:\Logo.sys. If the file is present the image in the file will appear when booting to Windows. If not, the standard Windows splash screen is inside the file C:\IO.sys . The file IO.sys is more than a bmp file so do not change this file with a bmp. In Windows ME the startup screen is controlled by the IO.sys file. And adding a Logo.sys file seems to not work. You must also have the setting Logo=1 in the MSDOS.sys file for the splash screens to work.

    The Windows 95 Please wait is controlled by the file Logow.sys in the windows folder, Windows 98 is Logow.w98, ME does not use this file. The shut down screen is controlled by the file Logos.sys also in the Windows folder.

    Customizing the logo screen file must be 320 x 400 in size and 256 in color; RGB encoded bmp file.