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    Default files and folders

    Hi All. I am running windows xp home edition. My problem is this: I have photo's that I have scanned to my computer as well digital photo's from my camera. I have a folder for scanned photos stored on my desktop and my digitals are in Ulead Express which is my photo editor program. I would like to have my photo's all in one place and all opening with the same program. Is this possible? and if it is how would I do that?

    I understand that windows automatically keeps all photo's in "my picture" folder but this folder is empty? I am not getting the drift of understanding which program to use to " open with" and often get the message that windows does not know which program to open the file with! I can choose the program myself or go online to see which program is used to open that file and still do not understand which one to pick. Is the item on the list that comes up that is highlighted, the one to use?

    Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated.


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    Hi photonut - It doesn't matter that your 'My Pictures' folder is empty, as long as you have your pictures stored somewhereand you know where to find them. You can delete the 'My Pictures' folder but Windows will just re-create it when you reboot. There is a way to permanently remove it by changes in the registry, but it hardly seems worth the bother. From my experience (limited) camera software and photo editing programs will create their own folders for pictures.
    Right click one of you picture files and then properties, it should tell you the type of file it is (JPEG etc), and the program it 'opens with'. Is there a 'change' button? When clicked, the 'Open With' dialogue box opens, yes? Is 'ULead Express' listed? It should be. It's possible to have more than on editing program performing different functions. Changing the 'Open With' program I am fairly sure will effect all files with a particular file extension e.g. - changing a single jpeg file that currently opens with Ulead Express to open in Photoshop will mean that all jpeg files will open, in this example, with Photoshop.

    You "often get the message that windows does not know which program to open the file with! I can choose the program myself or go online to see which program is used to open that file".
    To try and clarify this simply - Suppose someone emails me a document that they have produced using Microsoft Powerpoint. Without Powerpoint installed on my machine I would be unable to open it. Going online will result in a response telling you, if you are lucky, which program isneeded to open it. Basically, you might not have a program to open it on your pc. I hope this helps a little. I'm sure there will be more input from others. Whooze will possibly contribute. Regards.
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    There are several alternatives.
    One is to change the default folder in Ulead Express. You can do that in the preferences then move all the photos to that folder.
    Second is move the existing photo from My Photos to the current folder being used by Ulead and change the Windows default folder. See for details on how to do that.
    The third is don't use Ulead's Express and try the free and, in my opinion, the best photo and graphic manager around and that is Picasa2. It's free and comes from our griends at Google. Try it before you decide to leave Ulead behind.
    The big advantage is it won't matter where the pics are Picasa will find them and make it easy for you to seek them out, do a range of photo fixes, print, download from your camera, send by email, store online, make a slide show and a host of other stuff. You will love the time line search where Picasa will allow you to simply click a date and all the pics saved on that day will appear.
    Oh Picasa, by default, will scan your whole drive and display every graphic you have, even some you didn't know you had. You can change which folders you want scanned. Lastly it automatically adds new pics.
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