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    Default Laptop keeps rebooting itself at startup- won't turn on!

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a 2 year old HP pavillion. I had a series of 'serious errors' causing my computer to reboot. Finally, it died, and whenever I turn the power on, it immediately turns on/off continually. It's very hard to manually turn it off from there, as the 'holding down the power button for 10seconds' does not apply as it only stays on for 1 sec or so...

    A bit of background- recently the power port was damaged and I had to have the motherboard replaced (by a repair shop). However, my computer was working fine for 1.5 weeks after it was fixed... Also, it was mentioned that this may be a virus, but I'm an a very protected network (of course it's always likely!)

    I'm really desperate for this to be fixed- I'm a poor university student who really really needs to work on her dissertation/thesis/essays. I intend to call a repair shop, but would like to have some idea of the problem before I shell out another £100 that I don't have!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi kittie - The problem with the power port seems to be a very common problem due to poor design, see here -
    It may be that the switch itself is faulty. I've no idea how easy/difficult it would be to replace. I suggest you read the various posts at the above link. There are various other links to people that may offer something more positive. Regards.
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