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    Default Looking for Switch/Router to Share Internet/Network Computer

    Currently I have a 5 port Linksys Hub for my home network. This is connected to another hub which connects to two other desktops as well a WAP which is used for my laptop. As well, this main hub which is hooked onto my main computer is connected to a 3rd desktop as well as two networked printers. The way I have it currently set up I have a broadband modem connected to my main computer.
    I use Windows Internet Connection Sharing then to share this connection with the other computers. The problem with this is if my main computer goes down for any reason the internet connection then doesn't work with the other computers. As well, I use ZoneAlarm on all computers for firewall protection. It is supposed to work with Internet Connection Sharing but yet I can't get it to and don't want to go without a firewall. I have a friend who has a router set up to share his internet connection which solves this problem but yet it doesn't actually network his computers. He isn't able to share his printer, files, or anything which is important to me. I have a printer connected via usb to this main computer and store all main data files on this computer and use it mainly as a server. Is there any type of hardware available that will act as a router to share my internet connection without me having to use Internet Connection Sharing but as well share my printer and files? I saw the BEFSR81 but does this do that? As well, when I read up on this there was talk of a lot of quality issues.

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    Some DSL modem/Routers come with built in Print servers. Means anyone on the network can print at anytime no matter which computers ore active or not.
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