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    Default Bad Sound Quality

    I am a user of iTunes, and after a near loss of all my music, I transferred all 10 GB to from my C: drive in my HP laptop to my backup drive in a docking station. Ever since I did that, however, after a few minutes of playing, a weird crackling/ mini skipping starts up as if my memory is running low and continues to worsen with time. I have tried closing out all programs except iTunes, including those running in the background, and shutting off my computer for a while then restarting, all to no avail.
    Recently I noticed that there is a faint crackling in my speakers even without music, or any sound at all for that matter, which wasn't there before, and am pretty sure it is the same as I hear in my music. I know it isn't the speakers because it shows up in my laptop speakers as well.
    I have 27.5 free GB in my backup drive and 13.2 GB of free-space in my C: drive so I wouldn't think that would be the issue.

    I am having serious withdrawal. Please help me save my music and my mental health!

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    Have you tried playing the music from your C drive to see if that stops the crackling?

    It might be an idea to also check your speaker settings, check that they are not too high, and the output of the laptop roughly matches the setup of your Hi-fi. (Start > Control Panel < Sound and audio devices (In XP)).

    Could it be a faulty wire running from your computer to your hifi, the one I have is extremly long and so faults may be found in it and it might be worth checking.

    Does the problem happen when you try and play DVD's from your laptop assuming you can? Or even just movie files you might have downloaded.

    If you could get back with answers to these (assuming they don't work) then a couple of the members who are more knowledgable might be able to help you.