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    Default Vanishing sys tray icons

    Some apps can only be reached via sys tray icon. In WinXP Pro SP-2, I had to reinstall all on new disk. Some aps vanish from sys tray. Numerous re-installs of Win and apps does not fix problem. Why is windows "out to get me"? I can't get all programmers to provide alternate access methods, so I'd like to fix this Win-sys problem. (These apps include internet-time and periodic background backups.)

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    The first thing you should consider is that all those programs in the sys tray are actively running in the background and taking up valuable RAM. Go to Start > Run > type in msconfig > Startup tab > scroll down the list and either select the programs you want running or uncheck those you don't. Basically, you need to have anti-virus and firewall activated, the rest are probably not necessary. After making your selection, >OK and reboot your PC. When you next boot up a window will appear, check the box 'don't show this window' >OK. You are not deleting these programs, just stopping them from running in the background. If you want easy access to programs, go to Start > All Programs > right click on a program you want fast access to and select Send To > Desktop shortcut. It will create a shortcut to the program on your desktop, but the program will not be taking up RAM memory.

    After you do the above, get back and give us the name of all programs/utilities that are not working.