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    Default CDRW/DVD Drive Problems

    This is not my computer (my Mum's) so I don't really know what's been done to it.

    My Mum and everyone else who use this computer never bother to scan for spyware or viruses or anything else.

    Yesterday I was asked to 'sort it out' because the CD drive wasn't showing up in 'My Computer' and they couldn't get to anything on CD.
    I had a look in Device Manager, and similarly, only the hard drive is showing up. The CD drive seems to have disappeared. The drive will open and the light comes on and the disk spins for a second or two, and then nothing.
    I've tried running from command prompt but nothing there either.

    I've scanned for viruses (there was one infecting two Java-related files) and removed any infected files. I've also scanned for registry errors using Regiguard and fixed all of those, as well as removing any Spyware using Spybot S&D.
    I was going to install Norton SystemWorks and see what WinDoctor does but obviously, I can't use the drive.

    The computer hasn't been moved recently or opened or anything, so I doubt it's a loose connection (although I guess I ought to check) and plus, the drive still has power (although it's a different cable, I know).

    I don't know what the drive is to download drivers. If I opened the computer would it say the model on the drive?

    Past reinstalling drivers ... what else could it be?
    This computer is only a max of 3 or 4 years old, and hasn't had heavy usage by any stretch of the imagination.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    What operating sysytem ?

    Suggest that you shut down the PC. Open the case, remove all the cables from the drive.

    Reboot the PC. Shut down the PC again, connect all the cables.

    Re boot the PC.

    Are you getting any messages then about "new hardware"?


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    Alternativelyy click Start, Control Panel, System. Find the line for CD\DVD and double click on it. Open the live for the CD drive and choose uninstall.
    Reboot. Windows should locate new hadware and find the drivers.
    If this fails do what Basement suggests.
    This is a common occurance and can happen at any time to any one.
    Often the cables become loose as CD drives do create a lot of vibration. This is why it is important that they be securely fasted to the bay with at least 2 screws on either side. I use 4 each side.
    If all this fails to correct the problem then the drive may be damaged
    As for viruses and spyware download AVG from and adaware from and install both. They can be set to run automatically at a scheduled time. Virus scanning can take 1-2 mins per gigabyte of used hard drive space to scan so choose a time that suits best.
    If you have Xp SP2 use the XP firewall. It may not be the best but it works ok.
    They all update automatically if allowed.
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