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    k- here's the scoop. I was using Altiris recovery via the F11 button to restore my system in an attempt to get rid if the winfix virus when I had a power outage and the recovery didn't finish. I was able to restart when the power came back on but after the windows XP screen, it went black and did nothing else. After trying to restore several times, I finally gave up and inserted the system cd windows xp. But after reinstalling, my screen and programs disappeared. Everything is still shown in my documents and settings file folder, I just can't access them. I tryed to restart and use the F11 to restore my system but there is no F11 option upon restart. Is it possible to access my previous snapshots? How can I return my computer to its previous state? HELP!!!

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    Hi - Presumably this is related to your other post. Please keep your posts relating to one problem together, it helps to avoid confusion. Switch off the pc and then turn it on again. Keep tapping F8 as it boots.
    Select the 'Safe Mode' option from the screen using the up and down arrow keys. Enter.
    Or - select the 'Last Known Good Configuration' option after the F8 procedure.
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