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    Does anyone know if you can access and load Altiris snapshots taken before a hard drive restore?

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    Hi - I have visited the Altiris site and it is not particularly user-friendly and contains far too much geek-speak. When you say 'snapshots' I assume that you refer to copies of files etc, and not photographs, not that this should make any difference because they are all just files to a computer. The way I see it is that Altiris performs a similar function to Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost and takes, depending on options selected, regular copies of all information on the computer. This information, in True Image, and probably Ghost, is stored in a separate 'virtual' partition on the hard drive of the computer where it can be recalled in event of problems. Am I right in assuming this pc is part of a company Network? If so, it is possible that backups of your hard drive are duplicated on the company servers to prevent total loss of information. It's also possible that information storage is offerd by Altiris as part of their service. You should speak to your IT System Administrator whose job it would be to ensure that safe and secure backups are available in the event of a pc failure, or Altiris support. The files you want should be available somewhere, this is precisely what Altiris is all about. You say 'hard drive restore', do you mean that the hard drive was formatted (completely wiped ?) I regret I cannot be more precise with this and suggest you check back later to see if there is input from others. This is possibly Partiehonteuse's area of expertise.
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