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    Default I SERIOUSLY need some HELP

    About two weeks ago I was home for lunch and turned on my computer. I jumped on the Internet and all the sudden all of these popups hit the screen, one right after another. I couldn't click out of them all..they just kept coming. So I turned off my computer. When I turned it back on I could barely use any thing. I ran a virus scan and the first five files that the program picked up on were viruses. The program said that they could not be eliminated or quarantined. Since that time my computer has not worked the same. I have had a terrible time using the mouse and I am constantly getting error msgs. What can I do? I have tried reformatting but it won't let me. I have even tried reformatting in safe mode. I have tried using the reinstallation disk that came with the computer. I have a Dell 4600 but it won't work either. I can find my way around my computer pretty well but I am definitely not a tech. Can someone give me some advice? thx a bunch.

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    Hi tc - Go to this link and try and work your way through the various processes. Any problems get back and one of the spyware experts will advise you. Regards.,9709/
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