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    Default USB Devices Are Not Recognized

    Help me, please! This is driving me crazy!

    I recently had a new hard drive added to my computer. The old drive was left in as a slave drive, and a new installation of Windows XP Home SP2 was installed on the new drive. The first thing I did when I got my machine home was to make sure windows was totally updated. Since then, none of my USB devices will work. When I plug any of them in, the computer will make the usual "bling-blong" sound, but nothing else happens. It makes the usual "blong-bling" sound when I remove a device. I am currently using a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0, a Brother MFC 5440CN, and a TV tuner device. None of them work at all. I tried to go into the Device Manager and update the drivers on the USB controllers, but Windows was unable to find an updated driver. So, I uninstalled the devices and re-booted the machine. I then went into the Device Manager and updated the drivers on the "Unknown Devices" that were there. This worked and Windows successfully installed drivers for all six entries in the device manager. However, after rebooting, I am still having exactly the same problem. There was no change at all.

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    Default There could be 1 of several problems so see if the link is helpful wait for other replies as well.It sounds like usb device does not initialize at start up.

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    Remove all USB devices.
    Get the system working first.
    When installing each USB device install the drivers before connecting the device.
    Only install one at a time.
    Unlike Plague and Play devices USB can only recognize a new device after the drivers are installed. sd
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