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    Default errors and nero and flash

    hello everyone,

    'puter etard here.

    i'm running adaware se plus, spybot, pest petrol home 4.3 or 4.4,
    zone alarm firewall, snoopfree, spyware blaster, webroot's
    Spy Sweeper 4.5, tracks eraser, iclean, winpatrol,windows defender
    and norton all updated. xp home, ie 6, xpsp2, walmart connect (dialup-isp), macromedia shockwave, java j2se, etc., are installed as well.

    laptop came with rescue/reformat disk to reinstall
    xp home. i notice, whenever i reformat using the disk,
    the internet option settings for security and privacy
    are not set to default. this is also the case when i
    install the sp2 service pack update disk. being the
    worry wort that i am, i set all of the internet property
    settings that i can to default. should i leave the settings
    as is?

    do you know of any plugins the allow nero to convert realplayer files?

    i get a fair share of internet explorer script error
    message popup boxes from sites i visit.
    the boxes usually read something similar to this:
    internet explorer script error
    an error has occurred in the script on this page
    error:expected identifier
    do you want to continue?
    i've cleared/cleaned my hard drive of all programs several times.
    and even tried just installing wm connect. although i set my internet
    property options to default, i've tried the settings that appear when
    xp and it's service pack sp2 are installed, all to no avail. i get the same
    error message boxes. techs at walmart connect suggested installing a different browser.
    are there hidden settings somewhere that would make the web pages display correctly without script error messages?
    the "display notification about every script error" box on the
    "advanced" internet options property tab is not checked.

    when i visit certain sites (aol, state farm) message
    is displayed that i need flashplayer 8.
    i down loaded it for aol and again for state farm.
    i also down loaded the flash 8 file just in case i need it
    again but when i try to install the file, message reads
    "directory not found. setup could not find your plugins
    directory...destination c:windows\system32\macromed\flash".
    flash 8 has been down loaded to this directory and out of curiosity,
    i down loaded it to crogram files\internet explorer\plugins all to no avail.
    is there a folder/directory i can search for or create so flash player 8
    can reside and work correctly for all sites that require it?
    thanks, lumpy.

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    I didn't even bother readiong all you topic after I saw how many anti virus/spyware software you had. They clash.
    Decide which one you want to keep and uninstall the rest. You can keep two spyware. Adaware and Spybot is the best choice. For anto virus anything but norton.
    There are a number of Real converters around.
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    :shock: :!: :!: :!:


    1) You should only run 1 spyware program at a time. Alot of these programs will interfere with each other and cause more problems than the spyware itself does.

    2) Internet settings are a personal preference. I would set them to default also, then change them when/if needed.

    3) Convert realplayer files to what kind of file?

    4) from How to Troubleshoot Script Errors in Internet Explorer:

    5) flash player 8, use the remove tool (found here: then use the manual install tool (found here:

    **note: both of those likes go directly to the program you need to download, not to a webpage.
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