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    Default Question on installing New Internal Harddrive as externalUSB

    Hi guys,
    Now that the bad Ram chip problem was solved, I just want to verify some things before I attempt to connect up my new hard drive again. I bought a Maxtor 250 Gig 7200 RPM 16MB memory ATA 133 drive. I am going to place it inside an external enclosure and hook it up to my Dell Inspirion 9300 laptop via USB. I just had some questions. If anyone has done this before or if you know the answer, pls let me know!
    1) If the hard drive is faulty, can it burn out the Ram modules on my Ram chip?
    2)If the hard drive is faulty, will it burn something out on my motherboard?
    3)Charlie, you said to set the external drive to Master, but since my internal C drive is the boot drive(and probably set to Master), will that conflict with anything (Having 2 hard drives set as master)?
    4) There is a setting on the hard drive for Master, slave, and CS (computer select). What exactly is CS?? Is that where my laptop automatically selects if the harddrive is to act as a master or slave?
    5)I bought an internal hard drive and will be placing it inside an external case. According to the directions of the hard drive, I should go into the BIOS of my computer or CMOS and configure something. However, I don't see any such menu choice on my Dell laptop. Since it is USB, I thought it was just plug and play.

    Thanks guys,

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    It would only need to set as slave if it was on the same cable as the master drive. Cable select basically uses where it is connected on the cable to determine master/slave. I don't think the drive could cause the RAM to go bad, you might try researing the RAM, perhaps it was just loose. The BIOS change probably is necessary only if you want to boot from the external drive. Some motherboards don't support that. Charlie