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    Default format hard drive

    Need help reformat hard drive. Would like to save some important file before doing so. Hard drive has lost of virus on it..

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    The people here will be happy to help you (I'm not qualified yet). However, they will want info on your system. While waiting for their reply, post as much as you know about Brand & Model, Processor type & speed, hard drive size, memory (RAM or DDR), etc. (whatever you know or can find out). Especially let them know your operating system (W98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, or whatever you have). Hope this helps, and they WILL get back to you.

    Alternatively, you can go to their spyware forum and follow the directions under the "sticky" message for first-time visitors. They can probably help you get your system cleaned out without having to reformat. This may be the best way to go.

    Specifically, click above these posts on the Help2Go Forum Index, then read the sticky post titled "Browser Hijacks and Spyware Problems: Read this BEFORE posting." Follow ALL directions exactly as listed. Do this AFTER reading the post for first-time visitors.


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    As far as saving files, there are a couple of options depending on whether you are talking about a small amount of data or a large amount. For small amounts, burning to CDs works great. Each Cd can hold about 700MB of data. If you have a DVD burner, you can go up to about 4GB per DVD. If you have more than that, an external hard drive would be a better option (or a second internal hard drive).

    As far as reformatting, what operating system? Are you currently set up with just 1 large partition or is your computer set up with multiple partition?
    REMEMBER, afer you reformat everything on that partition will be gone including the operating system, so you wil need either a n installation CD with the unlock code or a set of restore CDs that came with the computer. You will also need to reload all drivers (restore CD may load drivers). charlie

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    You must be careful because if you do have loads of viruses and smack on the wrist for not using an anti virus application, then some of your data files may also be infected so even after a reformat you may reinfect the system.
    You do not need to reformat to clean up the drive.
    What you do need are decent virus and malware applications.
    I suggest you read the tutorials on cleaning up a system in the Tutorial section here and follow the steps.
    Before you start removing viruses you need get rid of old restore points as many viruses hide in them.
    Do this by right clicking My Computer. Choose Properties then System Restore and check the "Turn Of System Restore for all Drives" box.
    Once you are satisfied that everything is clean then I would suggest you grab hold of a registry cleaner and clean out all the redundant entries.
    I use the free one from It also cleans out temp files and other useless junk.
    Now create a new restore point by Clicking Start, All Programs, Accesories, System Tools, Restore Point.
    This may sound like a lot to do but be assured that it is the only way you will know that every file is clean.
    As I said before you may end up backing up the virus and resinstlling one or more.
    Once you have done this once and you have an antivirus and spyware scanner installed plus a decent firewall then you will be as safe from rodents as possible.
    A warning. Viruses come from a number of sources. The most common is via Email attachments but lately more and more come from downloading from P2P sites. They are littered with trojans and viruses.
    Learn about using torrents. They are generally a lot safer as most files have already been tested by others.
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