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    Default Computer Freezes up

    I have removed all the viruses and cleaned up the registry on our second computer but it still keeps freezing up. If you turn it back on too soon, it freezes up right away. Also, will auto reboot.

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    There can be several causes for this behaviour.
    One of the viruses may have already caused the damage.
    First try starting in Safe Mode (Press the F8 key during bootup for the menu)
    When there Go to System Tools Start/All Programs/Accessories/system tools menu and choose system restore. Choose a time befor all the problems started.
    If the system boots ok then Right Click My Computer, choose properties then System restore. Check the "Turn off system restore for all drives"
    Rescan for all viruses while in safe mode.
    If all is well do another set of scans. Once happy reverse the "Turn off thing" then under system tools create a new restore point.
    If you cannot get into safe mode but can see the bootup menu then choose "Start with last know working....." after which do all the above.
    If this fails then if you have the XP installation CD boot up with it and at the menu choose R for recovery Console.
    This will leave you with a C: prompt. Type (without quotes) "fixmbr"
    This will fix the Master Boot Record
    If this fails then I suggest you are looking at a reformat and reinstallation.
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