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    Default Frequent freezes, cooling device advice, and graphics card

    I have a question about my PC in general. For some reason or another after a good 3 years, or more, of use it has started to freeze for no particular reason. I will either have 10 IE windows open, or try to open a zip inside a RAR, and it will freeze. Before I could run a few IE windows open and play a game. Now it has trouble loading up sometimes. I've checked my RAM and they aren't burnt out, I've ran the system through PCpitstop and they said "its fine". Is there anything else I should check?

    I'm running:
    WinXP SP2
    Intel Celeron 3.2ghz processor (LGA775)
    2gb DDR400 RAM
    NEO Power 480 power supply
    MSI 915 NEOF board

    If there's any other info you need just ask.

    I also had a question about cooling devices. I was looking through newegg, because my system does get kinda hot, and saw some cooling devices for HDs. Would any of you recommend any or are they just garbage? Or should I get a case with a blow hole instead? I currently have a fan on the side of the case, a ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler with Artic Silver 5, and the power supply has 2.

    Also are there any SLI cards that are for the PCI-Expressx16 that DON'T require you to do a major up grade (IE buy a new mobo and power supply)?

    Thank you in advanced for any advice,

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    Hi - Have you checked that inside the pc is clean and free of dust, particularly round cooling fins and fans?

    Re Hard Drive cooling - I've purchased an Antec cooler but have yet to install it so I can't comment from a personal point of view. I did quite a bit of research before I bought it and it is generally well rated for efficiency, I've seen no negative reviews. You can have a look at this link and there's plenty more info if you Google it. I suggest you shop around because prices can vary tremendously for the same cooler.
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    About your problem with your computer freezing up, how much free space does your hard drive have? You should have 15 - 20% free for XP to run properly. When was the last time you ran Disk Defragmenter? Give that a try also. Might I also suggest if you are having 10 IE windows open that you give FireFox a try as an alternitive web browser. It is very quick and with the tabbed web page feature having ten web pages open is a breeze. It is more secure than IE too.
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    Press Ctrl Alt Del when the problem starts and check the Performance level.
    This is a good indicator of overall performance.
    You can delete the page file too and have Windows creat a new one. Sometimes that virtual memory can get corrupted.
    Like all PC's they accumulate junk over time and often this junk is not removed by cleaning utilities.
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