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    Default Issues with CD-RW and DVD Rom

    First time poster, just had a couple of questions.
    Recently I did some "house cleaning" and managed to get rid of a lot of unused stuff on the desktop. Since then, the computer had decided that I no longer had my two DVD-CDRW Roms. I figured out a way, going through REGEDT, and getting those devices back. HOWEVER, 4 new DVD Roms have popped up (no idea) that aren't connected and don't do anything. I can no longer burn CD's.. It reads CD's but that's about all.. And I can't get rid of the new DVD Roms that popped up. Any solutions?

    I have gone through Device Manager.. no yellow !'s or ?'s.. I've reinstalled physically and through Device Manager.. Each time they reinstall, the DVD roms pop back up and I still can't burn. Also, it wouldn't read my Motherboard utility CD... The menu would pop up, but, it'd be a blank screen after that...

    The Drives are
    HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B ..

    I have used the first one to burn before.. I've got a Biostar TFORCE6100 w/ nvidia chipsets.. AMD Athlon 64 3000+ and 512mb RAM. Windows XP.. If you need to know anything else, let me know.. I'm going to trash n thrash 'em if I can't find a solution.. Thanks all!

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    Have you tried a System Restore?

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    You say 4 new CD ROMs have "popped" up. Do you mean that My Computer shows 4 CD/DVD ROM drives?
    If so then you may have created two virtual drives (some software create these).
    Have you bought and used a CD/DVD cleaning CD. Also a can of compressed air to blow out any dust from inside the units.
    Why you used the registry to "get back" the drives is odd and not the way to do it.
    Try removing both drives physically from the computer,
    Reboot into the BIOS and change the boot order to exclude any CD Rome drives.
    Boot up.
    Shut Down
    Replace one drive only set as master. Now go to the manufacturer’s site and update the firmware for that drive.
    Remove it and place the other drive in, also set as master and do the same for firmware.
    Updating firmware for CD drives should always be performed with only one drive connected as a master. Any other way can permanently damage a drive.
    Once done place the DVD burner as master and the other drive as slave on the same 2nd IDE lead
    Also consider replacing the flat ribbon lead with a new one.
    Check the IDE drivers as well to make sure they are ok.
    Now boot up and let Windows identify the drives as new hardware and install the appropriate drivers.
    Once done I suggest you disable Autorun for all tasks. Autorun is one of the main causes of problems especially if you use 3rd party burning software.
    Also disable XP's burning tools if you are using another burning application.
    Do not install Nero and Roxio's products together.
    Don't forget to change the BIOS setting boot order back. Floppy 1st, CD 2nd HD 3rd.
    Now if this all fails then you may have damaged the drive/s
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